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This itinerary is for information only. It may change according to the weather, road conditions.

Day 1: Ha Giang – Bac Sum Pass – Heaven Gate – Twin Mountain – Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Tham Ma Pass – Lao Xa Village  – Sa Phin

Ha Giang – Bac Sum Pass: ~ 30 km

Bac Sum Pass – one of the four most beautiful and challenging passes in Ha Giang. While conquering this pass, we will be able to see the green of the karst mountains and the blue of the crystal sky.   

Bac Sum Pass –  Heaven Gate: ~ 15 km  

Quan Ba Heaven Gate offers the view from 1,500 meters above the sea levels, giving tourists a panoramic view of the town of Quan Ba, the spectacular sights below and the Twin Mountain. 

Heaven Gate – Twin Mountain: ~ 5 km  

The Twin Mountain (or Co Tien Mountain) shows off its uniqueness and charm in all 4 seasons. Taking the shape of the breast of the fairy, this mountain changes its appearance season by season like the fairy puts on different clothes. 

Quan Ba – Yen Minh: ~ 50 km  

Taking some breaks during the ride, we will be able to admire the sights of the rice paddies and the other magnificent sights along the tours. 

Yen Minh – Tham Ma Pass: ~ 10 km 

The renowned Tham Ma Pass – the most challenging pass in Ha Giang will give you the thrills and some hair-standing moments with the steep cliff on one side and the deep abyss on the other side. After conquering the pass, you will be able to see the corn fields of the locals with utter satisfaction. 

Tham Ma Pass – Lao Xa Village: ~ 20 km

Lao Xa is a small village, located on completely rocky terrain, and is dominated by the H’mong people. This village is still able to preserve the pristine natural views and primitive cultural identity of the locals here.  During the spring,  the whole village is draped by the white of the plum flowers and the pink of the peach blossom.

Lao Xa Village – Sa Phin: ~ 8 km

Contrasting to the magnificent of Lao Xa, the town of Sa Phin stands out with its rough and rugged beauty. The town is signified by the sights of the karst stones scattered around on the green, vibrant meadow. This will be where we rest for the first night.

Day 2: Sa Phin – Lo Lo Chai Village – Northernmost Point – Dong Van – Thien Huong village – Dong Van. 

Sa Phin  –  Lo Lo Chai village: ~ 30 km

After visiting the Moon Rock Field, we will start our journey to Lo Lo Chai Village. If today is Sunday, we will be able to visit the colorful and radiant local market in Dong Van. If not, we will go straight to Lo Lo Chai Village, a place dominated by the Lo Lo, who live by the Vietnam – China borderline. Here, we will spend some time strolling around the village to enjoy the scenery. 

Lo Lo Chai Village – Northernmost Point: ~ 3 km 

After visiting Lo Lo Chai Village, we will start our journey to the Northernmost Point of Viet Nam. This is a milestone, engraved with the words: “The northernmost point; Lung Cu – Dong Van. Lung Cu 23˚ 22′ 59″ North latitude – 105˚ 19′ 21″ East longitude”.


Northernmost Point – Dong Van – Thien Huong Village: ~ 32 km

After having lunch, we will go back to Dong Van and then go to see Thien Huong Village – one of the ancient villages in Ha Giang. This is the home for Giay and Nung people, living the life surrounded by the gigantic mountains of the Dong Van Geopark. This is also one of the villages that share the border with China. Here, we will spend time walking around the village, make friends with the locals and learn about their lifestyle. 


Thien Huong Village – Dong Van: ~ 30 km 

At the end of the day, we will go back to Dong Van at about 5.00 and spend the night there.


Day 3: Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng pass – Meo Vac –  M-shaped Curve – Mau Due – Du Gia

Dong Van  – Ma Pi Leng Pass: ~ 20 km

Ma Pi Leng Pass, one of the four greatest passes in Vietnam, will give a life-long impression on people who set eyes on it. Hanging on the altitude from 1,200-1,400 meter, the pass will offer you a rush of excitement while riding along the rugged cliffs while glazing down to Nho Que River below. Aside from the striking natural scenes, Ma Pi Leng Pass also has historical value as a crucial link to the Ho Chi Minh Path, which was used to transport the supplies for the army. 

Exiting Ma Pi Leng, we will spend 1,5 hours walking from the Young Volunteers Monument in Ma Pi Leng Pass, crossing the Death Cliff and the White Cliff to Panorama. During the route, we will be able to admire the views and the lifestyle of the locals up close. 

Ma Pi Leng Pass – Meo Vac – M-shaped Curve- Mau Due:  ~ 35 km

Reaching Panorama, we will get back on the bike and ride to Mau Due. On the road, we will take time to enjoy the view of the spectacular karst mountain and the fascinating M-shaped Curve. Then, we arrive at Mau Due and have lunch there.  

Mau Due –  Du Gia: ~ 30km

After having lunch in Mau Due, we will start our journey to Du Gia. Along the ride, we can see the rice paddies of the Tay, hiding inside layers of the mountain mist. This place offers a tranquil atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle and into the embrace of Mother Nature.At about 4.00 pm, we will settle down and prepare for the trip to visit the waterfall here.


Day 4: Du Gia – Duong Thuong – Thai An – Thuan Hoa – Ha Giang

Du Gia – Duong Thuong: ~ 15 km

On this day, we will begin our trip to go back to Ha Giang. After riding back 10 km , we will enter the Duong Thuong Valley, where you can stop to enjoy the fresh air here. 

Duong Thuong – Thai An: ~ 10 km

For this route, we will ride through the forest and enjoy the view. 

Thai An – Thuan Hoa: ~ 20 km 

While this route is short, we can still admire the magnificent beauty of the vast mountains. Shifting the eyes to the side of the abyss, we will be captivated by the sights of the mountain bathing in the sunlight and the mist. 

Thuan Hoa –  Ha Giang: ~ 25 km 

We will go back to Ha Giang for lunch. For people who book an early ticket, the driver will take you back at about 3.30 to prepare your stuff. For those who don’t, the trip will continue to Thon Tha Village, Ha Thanh Village to immerse ourselves in the daily activities of the locals on their rice paddies.We will end the trip with a high note by going to the Sixth Waterfall and then going back to the hotel at about 5.00. After that, you can enjoy the shower and relax in our resting room while waiting for the bus. If you want to spend one more time here, you can make a reservation with the hotel.


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