Ha Giang Loop 3 days 2 nights by car 

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Ha Giang’s ethnic communities

Day 1: Ha Giang- Heaven Gate – Twin mountain – Quan Ba – yen Minh – Vuong palace – Dong Van

On this day, we will be driving for 150 km and walking for about an hour. Throughout the trip, you will have the opportunity to encounter the Mong people and witness their fascinating way of life. We will have plenty of time to pause at beautiful locations to take pictures or simply enjoy the breathtaking view.

The Heaven’s Gate, which is 1500m high and above the clouds, offers an astonishing view. In Quan Ba, you can witness the renowned Twin Mountains. After that, we will have lunch in a small restaurant located in Quan Ba 

Drive down Ha Giang stop 15 km west of Dong Van to visit the Vuong Palace It’s recommended to drive down Ha Giang and make a stop at the Vuong Palace, which is located 15 km west of Dong Van. The palace was built by the Mong people for their King. We should be able to reach Dong Van by 5 pm. Upon arrival, you can check into a homestay and have dinner. Dong Van is a peaceful village that’s perfect for taking a leisurely walk.

Day 2:  Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng pass – Mậu Duệ – Du Gia 

If today is Sunday, we can visit the Dong Van market and learn more about local customs and traditional cuisines. It’s a great opportunity to meet local people. 

Today we will drive through the Dong Van Geopark which offers stunning views. The best pass to visit in Vietnam is the Ma Pi Leng Pass, which is considered the “king” of Vietnam’s passes. At the top of this pass, you can begin your journey along the 20 km-long Happiness Road, which was handmade by the local people and has a romantic atmosphere.

In Meo Vac, you can witness one of the most magnificent landscapes in the country. Continuing our journey, we arrive at our homestay in Du Gia Village.

Day 3: Du Gia – Meo Vac –  Ha Giang

After having breakfast, we will continue exploring different viewpoints. We will return to Ha Giang City for lunch at a restaurant. Following lunch, we will visit a village in Ha Giang. Take in the awe-inspiring landscapes and capture unforgettable memories. Take your time to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty and fresh air. We will end the tour at around 5pm. 

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